Adaptive named Top Metadata Management Tool

Adaptive at a Glance

Adaptive provides a best in class platform that combines Data Governance, Metadata Management, Data Quality, and Enterprise Architecture capabilities and workflows—enabling organizations to connect the dots for enhanced analytics, reuse of best practices, collaboration, and overall enterprise governance.

The Adaptive capabilities includes the ability to automate the harvesting and parsing of metadata to enable end-to-end data lineage analytics. Lineage is a foundational capability that facilitates accuracy and understanding of the real data processes occurring on a ongoing basis within organizations (a MUST for accurate and enhanced analytics that want to leverage data governance and AI properly).

Adaptive can be deployed in a matter of days on premise or in the cloud per our customers preferences and provides augmentation capabilities working with existing technologies to connect the dots in the most optimal manner.

Adaptive Products

Adaptive has developed a number of industry and domain specific applications built..

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Data Governance

Effective enterprise data governance practices that are aligned with internal …

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Becoming an Adaptive Partner is a very lucrative business proposition…

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Adaptive vs. Category Average in Metadata Management

Product Features

Adaptive 93%
Average 79%

Vendor Capabilities

Adaptive 84%
Average 76%

Likeliness to Recommend

Adaptive 90%
Average 83%