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Adaptive products have combined a number of leading methodologies and frameworks with domain expertise to create the world’s foremost data governance and data analytics solutions.

Adaptive’s Solutions for your business

Adaptive eliminates the risky, time-consuming, and expensive side of managing corporate information. See how our Solutions can improve your business.

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At Adaptive, you join a company that offers significant opportunities and rewards, as well as the chance to work with highly skilled professionals in a leading-edge field.

In addition to the opportunities listed below, we are always seeking experienced and talented individuals to join our team, and invite you to register for any future vacancies, by emailing your résumé to

Current Opportunities:

Adaptive, a leading semantic data and metadata management software product company, is recruiting for a number of positions in Aliso Viejo in Orange County, California, Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, and Pune, India. There may also be some opportunities for remote working for those with more experience.

This is a once-in-a-career opportunity to take on a ground-breaking role with a high industry profile.

Technical Knowledge
Knowledge of the following would be an advantage, but more important is the ability to learn and apply any such new technology since what we use will undoubtedly change over time. Not all roles will need knowledge of all these.

  • Semantic web, ontologies, SPARQL, triple stores, OWL, RDF, Linked Data
  • JavaScript including ES6, Flow/TypeScript
  • Java web applications
  • React
  • GraphQL, Relay/Apollo,
  • js
  • Modeling, model driven architecture, UML
  • Graphics and visualization, including D3.js
  • Information management, data governance
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Big data and Spark
  • Machine learning
  • Agile/Scrum, JIRA, Git

Junior Developer (front-end or back-end)

  • Can cover specific areas of the above technical knowledge
  • Able to rapidly learn and put into practice new knowledge, both from colleagues and online resources
  • Able to work flexibly and collaboratively (both locally and with remote colleagues) in an agile development environment
  • Great communication

 Senior Developer

  • Carry out more complex development tasks
  • Guide, coach and mentor juniors
  • Manage code hygiene and technical accuracy
  • Can cover majority of the above technical knowledge
  • Modern web application architecture including performance, scalability, resilience and security
  • Testing discipline
  • Convert business requirements into design specifications
  • Work with customers

Junior DevOps

  • Work as part of agile development teams
  • Automation of build and secure deployment
  • Continuous testing and integration
  • Performance and monitoring
  • Use of technologies such as: Git (GitLab), Docker, AWS, Kubernetes, Node.js, Tomcat, Linux

 Semantic Database Specialist

  • Functional leader working with developers in different agile teams
  • In-depth knowledge of triple/quad stores, RDF, OWL, SPARQL, Linked Data
  • Guide, coach and mentor juniors

 UI/UX Specialist

  • Design both task flow and look and feel of applications
  • Prototype ideas
  • Communicate with customers and partners
  • Functional leader working with developers in different agile teams
  • Guide, coach and mentor juniors

 Parser Developer

  • Develop parsers to analyze external programs and tool extracts leveraging a variety of syntaxes
  • Knowledge of parser libraries and grammars (abstract syntax tree)
  • Use of representation formats such as XML and JSON

 Integration Developer

  • Develop software adapters to integrate external technologies
  • Experience with multiple APIs (especially REST)
  • Experience with multiple file formats (e.g. XML, JSON)
  • Knowledge of ETL, service bus, messaging architectures

 Scrum Master

  • Facilitator working with agile teams, including remote and part-time participants
  • Encourage best practices and use of tooling
  • Experience more important than certificates

Validation Manager

  • Functional leader working with testers in different agile teams
  • Establish best practices, tooling, automation, reporting
  • Recruit and train further testers


  • Specialize in testing as part of an agile team
  • Write and execute test scripts, using automation where possible
  • Experience with test automation and JIRA an advantage
  • Must be rapid learner and adopt end-user perspective

Research Liaison

  • Liaise with academic institutions and open source communities on a number of concurrent short, exciting projects designed to prove and demonstrate new ideas and technologies
  • Manage and coordinate and a rolling set of student interns (up to PhD level)
  • Opportunities for publication, standardization and travel.
  • Set up projects, apply for grants/funding Experience managing teams of software developers taking a mentoring approach
  • Capable of managing multiple concurrent projects and priorities
  • Adept at learning, assessing and exploiting new technologies
  • Research background (Master’s or above) and publication experience
  • Excellent communication, both written and verbal