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The Adaptive Partner Program will focus on enhancing partnerships in order to successfully sell, deliver and support the Adaptive suite of products on a global scale.

Who We Are ?

Adaptive provides the most comprehensive data governance and metadata management platform available today.

Information and Knowledge, though routinely misaligned, remains the lifeblood of every organization.  It is essential today to know and, more importantly, understand how critical data (Big Data and/or Small Data) moves through your enterprise.  Enterprise organizations collect and analyze their data based on many variables including customer, market conditions, business processes and empirical experience. Data is then cataloged, stored and analyzed. But is the data correct? Where did it come from? Who is the owner of the data being analyzed? Who has touched this data? How did it ultimately arrive in its present form? How can I verify this data?

In planning for future operations means trusting your data analytics. The wrong interpretation or incorrect data can ultimately mean disaster for an enterprise.

Adaptive offers standards-based solutions that help organizations better align their valuable information by supporting specific management challenges including Data Governance, Data Quality, Metadata Management, Enterprise Architecture Management and IT Portfolio Management while ensuring Knowledge is retained as systems evolve.

Founded in 2002, Adaptive is a global company headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California. A market leader with a long history of helping complex organizations adapt to and support the rapidly changing business and IT environments, which are driven by the ever increasing demands of compliance, regulatory pressures and governance requirements, Adaptive provides innovative solutions that enable enterprises to align their capabilities with strategic intent.

Why does Adaptive exist?

Companies today are faced with an explosion of the amount, complexity and importance of enterprise information.  And, without a complete understanding of how that information is created, defined, managed and consumed — otherwise known as metadata — an organization’s ability to meet external compliance reporting demands and optimize business performance is severely undermined.

Adaptive exists to help organizations realize they do not need to reinvent themselves, rather, they can benefit from leveraging what they have in the most optimal manner to provide a knowledge management asset that facilitates reuse, analytics and compliance throughout the organization.

Fundamentally, Adaptive aims to couple operating silos, align structured and unstructured data sources, bridge logical/physical/ETL and Business Intelligence applications, derive and apply meaning through Ontologies and semantics to provide true enterprise-wide insight, planning, governance and capabilities management across functions, processes and resources.

How does Adaptive’s repository work?

At the core of all Adaptive products is the repository. Adaptive’s repository is a culmination of two decades of development leadership setting the standard for enterprise class model driven development. A repository instance is derived from industry standard based models from which each Adaptive product offering is built. Each Adaptive product can function independently or, because of having a common repository, together, without code change. This capability is unique in the industry and enables our customers to continue their governance, metadata, business glossary, enterprise architecture lifecycles knowing that as they grow and/or requirements change their investment is protected.

What is Adaptive’s Metadata Manager?

Adaptive’s Metadata Manager captures, manages, analyzes, visualizes and shares the knowledge about an organization’s strategies, processes, data semantics, stewardship, technology and other resources, to help enterprises fully understand how their data (Big Data and/or Small Data) is stored, transformed and ultimately analyzed and reported on by the myriad of systems within their organization.  The resulting integration between business terminology, policies, rules, processes and technical metadata enables organizations to better align business and IT.

What else does Adaptive offer?

In addition to our web-based, highly-flexible repository solutions, Adaptive offers access to a world class professional services team that provides training, consulting and mentoring around metadata management, data governance, data quality and enterprise architecture.

Whether it is about integrating systems after a merger, aligning strategy to business processes or mapping, understanding and managing the complex relationships between data and its uses, Adaptive’s services team accelerate implementation and maximize the value from efficiently utilizing Adaptive’s Metadata Repository in your environment.

We also support leading software OEMs, developers and specialist IT consultancies by levering our corer repository functionality to make their products work better.