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Adaptive’s Products for your business

Adaptive products have combined a number of leading methodologies and frameworks with domain expertise to create the world’s foremost data governance and data analytics solutions.

Adaptive’s Solutions for your business

Adaptive eliminates the risky, time-consuming, and expensive side of managing corporate information. See how our Solutions can improve your business.

Becoming an Adaptive Partner is a very lucrative business proposition. The Adaptive suite of offerings grow rapidly in reputation as well as deployment.  Partners will gain substantive benefits by leveraging the Adaptive product in their business and providing the services needed to their Customers. For Adaptive, the Partner Program is a good business model because of its global reach (scale), as well as its local application (language and culture).

Organizations interested in representing a highly competitive, high quality Enterprise Knowledge web application must be prepared to address the requirements below:

  • Does your Organization have an organization (people, skills) in place to (quickly learn how to) sell, implement, customize and support the Adaptive software?
  • Sales: does your Organization have the proper network (senior managers within current and prospective Customers)?
  • Is your Organization willing to provide the right incentives for its sales people in order to promote and sell Adaptive?
  • Delivery: does your Organization have available people with a technical background to be quickly trained by Adaptive in order to implement and customize the Adaptive software?
  • First Line Support: does your Organization have available people with a technical background to be quickly trained by Adaptive in order to support Customers with first line support?  Is this a dedicated team that, if necessary, can work continuously at local hours, in local language?
  • Can your Organization set up meetings at senior levels in the customer or prospect organization (up to CIO, CFO, CEO levels)?
  • Is your Organization prepared to fund a local marketing campaign, including e-mailing, marketing collateral, conferences and seminars in order to promote Adaptive and the Adaptive Brand (for seminars, Adaptive can bring in highly reputable speakers, considered thought-leaders in their respective fields)?
  • Is your Organization potentially prepared to assist in translating the software and marketing collateral (in our corporate style and branding) into your local language, if this would boost your sales?

If you have answered yes to these questions and would like to work as an Adaptive partner, click here to complete our contact form and request a partnership today.