Bank in a Box (BiaB) Framework

Adaptive Bank in a Box Framework Model

Business Dictionary and Semantics

  • Ability to document and maintain enterprise glossary of business terms and definitions as the single version of truth across the enterprise; and
  • Ability to relate and correlate business terms and aliases (synonyms) across the enterprise.

Governance and Stewardship

  • Ability to support workflow for approval and rejection process for various objects within the repository;
  • Roles and responsibilities defined for “kick-starting” or enhancing a data governance program;
  • Ability to support subscriptions and notifications for changes and event triggers;
  • Ability to connect data to people, process and organization along with capability to monitor and control them effectively; and
  • Ability to be able to send out emails and notifications to assigned person via a corporate email server.

Enterprise-wide Impact Analysis

  • Ability to classify data in terms of criticality, confidentiality, business purpose, product, etc.
  • Ability to leverage AI & Machine Learning capabilities for enhanced analytics.

Collaboration and Reporting

  • Ability to establish interest groups and dynamic notifications;
  • Support for email alerts and standard and custom metadata reports; and
  • User-defined navigation maps.