What makes EAM different?

What makes Enterprise Architecture Manager different?

Being a thin web-based application, Enterprise Architecture Manager is easy to deploy and maintain in large, highly dispersed enterprises.

Providing enterprise-wide access to strategy and architecture models, Adaptive EAM:

  • Harvests data from multiple sources into a centralized repository to perform complex analysis and to compare multiple perspectives;
  • Leverages the power of underlying industry-standard databases such as Oracle and SQLServer to provide clients with a thin interface that allows access from multiple locations without having to load software components on the client platform;
  • Provides users with the ability to participate in assessments, discussion groups and interest groups leveraging collaboration between different team members and roles within the organization;
  • Offers user, role and object-based security as well as the ability to distinguish which users have read-only and update capability;
  • Generates graphical representations based on the semantic meaning of the data stored within the repository;
  • Maps applications along multiple perspectives and identifies savings achieved along each perspective based on pattern analysis;
  • Delivers technology guides for corporate governance as well as comprehensive disaster recovery plans, which are dynamic instead of static snapshots which quickly get outdated; and
  • Adheres to industry standards such as MOF, CWM, SPEM, RAS, UML, and XML/XMI.