What can be achieved with ITPM?

What can be achieved with IT Portfolio Manager?

IT Portfolio Manager documents, manages and helps an organization achieve faster time-to-market, track changes to its IT portfolio and determine the impact of such changes throughout the business.  It also supports change initiatives to:

  • Reduce Costs by minimizing application and data redundancy, streamlining software component management and maintenance and rationalizing hardware, software and network infrastructure;
  • Increase Efficiency and Productivity through timely access to accurate, up-to-date information about applications, components and data assets;
  • Make More Informed Decisions enabled by the ability to perform impact analysis on projects, processes, applications and data;
  • Support Mergers and Outsourcing through the creation of future planning views, allowing participants to evolve the vision of the future organization while working on the current assessment and decisions;
  • Plan Future IT Architecture in Line with the Business by preparing for hardware, infrastructure and application evolution through hypothetical future views that investigate the impact of business change;
  • Assess and Manage Business Exposure to IT Risk allowing the operational risk at the hardware level to be reflected up at the business level; and
  • Trace Information Flow through Adaptive ITPM’s powerful view mechanism to allow aggregated visualization of the lineage of data throughout an enterprise.