Adaptive Metadata Manager

Adaptive Metadata Manager

The Adaptive Metadata Manager™ product (V10.0) comprises a number of highly configurable software components that provide an organization with the eight core capabilities required to govern and improve virtually any data-driven business capability. These capabilities are: Data Lineage, Data Quality, Impact Analysis, Business Terminology, Business to Technical Traceability, Version Management, Change Approval Workflow, Stewardship, and Automated Harvesting & Stitching.

Built on a modern web application stack, application modules are accessed via a web browser. End-user capabilities, like business glossary lookups, are also easily integrated into desktop productivity applications (like Microsoft Office and Outlook email client) for ‘in-document’ searching.

Why use Adaptive Metadata Manager™

By using Adaptive’s open and extensible metadata platform, organizations are solving tough information management and operational issues in the areas of: Data Governance, Regulatory ComplianceSmall and Big Data integration, Business Intelligence Reporting, Data Privacy and Protection and Data Quality initiatives.

Who uses Adaptive Metadata Manager™

Organizations who need to answer the following information management questions with confidence and speed:

Who is using the data?Which data elements are used where?What is the quality of the data?What is the definition of an entity or attribute?
What processes use a specific object?What applications will be impacted if my customer data “source” changes?Which business functions are supported by this customer data?Which data elements are in compliance with industry standards?

How do organizations deploy the Adaptive Metadata Manager™

The product can be deployed on-premise or in a secure, managed hosting environment. Consulting and Engineering services, from Adaptive and approved partners, are ready to bring your implementation alive, from the basics through to advanced metadata and metamodel integration.