How is The Metadata Manager different?

How is the Metadata Manager different?

The Adaptive Metadata Manager has core capabilities that are robust, industry-leading and enterprise-grade.  Core capabilities enable organizations to implement an enterprise, scalable data governance and metadata management solution.

Data Lineage:

The Adaptive Metadata Manager enables organizations to perform root cause analysis on data issues that otherwise could not be achieved due to a lack of transparency in data movement.

Impact Analysis: 

The Adaptive Metadata Manager offers a single trusted source linking data architecture layers, business glossaries and application data dictionaries to asses impacts of data-related changes.

Business Terminology: 

The Adaptive Metadata Manager provides a robust scalable platform to maintain consistent terms, valid definitions, allowable values, data format, etc. through a hierarchy of glossaries from enterprise to department, project and system glossaries.

Business to Technical Traceability:

The Adaptive Metadata Manager enables full traceability from glossaries of business terms and Ontologies through logical data models to database elements, business intelligence reports and ETL transformations.

Business to Technical Traceability

Configuration Management:

The Adaptive Metadata Manager manages versions of metadata from multiple source tools and technologies in a role-based manner so users only get access to the correct versions of metadata and only have visibility to the appropriate sources of metadata.

Version Management

Change Approval Workflow:

The Adaptive Metadata Manager manages the flow of changes through various metadata roles.



The Adaptive Metadata Manager promotes a shared environment with varied user roles providing access to metadata of different types and sources.


Automated Harvesting and Stitching:

The Adaptive Metadata Manager extracts metadata from the popular database management systems, data modeling tools, business intelligence tools and ETL tools through Adaptive’s Bridges using industry standards for metadata exchange and tool specific APIs as needed.

Automated Harvesting and Stitching