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Partnership Opportunities

The Adaptive Partner Program will focus on enhancing partnerships in order to successfully sell, deliver and support the Adaptive suite of products on a global scale.

Adaptive Business Excellence Program

The Adaptive Business Excellence Program enables organizations to govern their processes and metadata to enable enhanced analytics for Business Intelligence capabilities.   Creating repeatable processes with proper stewardship enables organizations to create a program that ensures data sources are adequately traced and managed when moved to analytics platforms.  Reuse, knowledge retention and discrepancies are managed in an optimal manner.

Adaptive for Bridging Big Data, Small Data & Analytics solutions bring together industry-leading software technologies and proven services so Heads of BI & Analytics, Chief Data Officers, Enterprise Architects can measurably improve their enterprise BI capabilities while reducing ‘report reconciliation’ problems. We believe there is a wealth of business design and control information sitting latent in large organizations (which many BI implementations fail to deal with).That latent information resource is called ‘metadata’. We also believe that brilliant enterprise-BI execution will belong to organizations that take their metadata seriously, learn how to harvest, integrate and manage it. Integrated and refined metadata is a key value-adding resource for progressive C-Suite business decision makers.

Leveraging the proven practices and outputs of the Adaptive Capability Framework, clients experience major improvements in the areas of BI report reconciliation, data lineage and traceability and smoother enterprise BI Suite migrations.

To build and sustain impactful enterprise data governance programs we believe there are a number of well-defined capabilities that can be introduced and continually improved.  Leveraging key Adaptive technologies and services (Adaptive Capability Framework), organizations are professionally supported at every part of the journey towards metadata management maturity and accelerated business capabilities.

 What capabilities matter at each stage of the journey?

  • IMPORT: Reach out, connect and import all your metadata into the repository.
  • INTEGRATE: Stitch and integrate imported metadata to assure quality, lineage.
  • CONFORM: Map your metadata to language, align with higher level models, remove inconsistencies and assure traceability.
  • GOVERN: Add the business rules that will govern the data to ensure quality and compliance.
  • ANALYZE: Synthesize, query, report on your metadata analytics.
  • DRIVE: Lead business change and improvements based on insight and assured information. 

Accelerated capabilities and competencies

Think of each ‘Stage’ in this Framework as both a technology capability (within Adaptive’s Platform) as well as an organizational competence (which we help clients to develop or enhance).  

With the Adaptive Metadata Management platform in place, organizations get deep insight into the lineage of their data,at rest and in-motion. This enables granular impact analysis on changes to data. Through our metamodels and consulting services we help clients understand and map their data to higher order enterprise models, removing inconsistencies. This ensure business to technical traceability.  Finally, we make advanced analytics possible, so that business decision makers consume valuable results.