Adaptive Knowledge Transfer Program

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The Adaptive Partner Program will focus on enhancing partnerships in order to successfully sell, deliver and support the Adaptive suite of products on a global scale.

Adaptive Knowledge Transfer Program

Adaptive Knowledge Transfer Program supports your organization’s success by providing teams of resources with the skills and knowledge necessary to leverage and optimize Adaptive’s suite of products and offerings.  At Adaptive, we realize that a robust training curriculum and ongoing support services are a key component to the success of our clients.

We provide a complete curriculum of role-based training that ensures that your teams can meet the demands of their jobs.  Our program addresses training requirements and methods for both business and technical users who require:

  1. Using metadata skills
  2. Managing metadata skills
  3. Managing repository environment skills
  4. Enhancing environment skills

Our comprehensive training program is fully accessible to our customers.  We provide instructor led, onsite or remote access training, and a repository “sandbox” environment for hands-on exercises.  With this, our clients can create customizable training, how and when they need it.

Our goal at Adaptive is to offer flexible training that will enable our clients to deploy, maintain, customize and upgrade the Adaptive product offerings while aligning our customers’ IT infrastructure with their business needs.

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