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The Adaptive Partner Program will focus on enhancing partnerships in order to successfully sell, deliver and support the Adaptive suite of products on a global scale.

Partnership Opportunities

Adaptive eliminates the risky, time-consuming, and expensive side of managing corporate information. See how our Solutions can improve your business.


Adaptive provides a range of solutions geared towards providing insight, visibility, governance and compliancy.   the Adaptive Technology Platform fits smoothly in the existing technology eco-systems providing enhanced data governance, metadata management, enterprise architecture centric solutions.

Adaptive provides a common framework leveraging our unique functional capabilities including workflow, versioning, role based security, data partitioning, collaboration, views and metamodels to allow our alliance partners and clients tackle their most pressing Business and Information Technology problems across and within multiple data life cycles.  All Adaptive Solutions are complementary with each other and do not require costly migrations or application re-installs.

One example of a capability which Adaptive help facility included the FIBO ontology which is part of Adaptive Metadata Manager product suite.

Adaptive is part of the leadership team for FIBO which  provides a detailed and rigorous model for the concepts and  terminology used in finance. It is being developed by the  Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC) and submitted to the Object Management Group (OMG) for standardization as a number of incremental specifications.

Adaptive sees measurable benefits in building standards-compliant products and many of our clients also recognize those benefits.


FIBO™ is the open industry “common language” standard for defining the terms, facts and relationships associated with financial contracts.  FIBO™ covers financial instruments (product reference data), market data pricing and financial processes. Read more here